We are SO connected

March 9, 2011

Where does one start with the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild?  Of course there’s this blog.  If you’re reading this, then know it exists.

Have you see us on Facebook? Seach for Chicago Modern Quilt Guild and “like” us – then you will automatically get the Facebook feeds.

Are you aware of how many members of the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild keep blogs?  Scroll down and look at the right of this page – they are all listed there.  Are you a quilt blogger and not included?  Let someone at the next meeting know – you just have to be a dues-paying member of the CMQG and a blogger and you’re IN!. 

But the best place for all information about the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild is  BigTent.  It’s the place for information about meetings and lets you RSVP to meetings.  There’s a listing of all those who log onto BigTent and are interested in Chicago Modern Quilt Guild.  There are forums for various discussions.  Minutes from previous meetings are posted.  Look for announcements about upcoming retreats (and just a word of warning – spaces will be limited and they will go fast).  And best of all it’s a way to get to know the people who are a part of CMQG.

FLICKR is the photo-sharing forum that works best with BigTent.  Here is the  CMQG Flickr site – I’d tell you more about it, but to be honest – it’s what I’m going to work on as soon as this post is finished.  So stay tuned for more info, or use the comments below to tell me what I need to know!

We are lucky to be connected to each other in such a variety of rich ways!  See you at Iron Quilter in March.  Want to know more?  Go to BigTent!

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Photo: Triangles quilt by Erika Mulvenna