The Modern Art Challenge

June 20, 2012

Join us in a (optional) challenge to create mini quilts inspired by art! You will give your partner a bag at the June 24th meeting with an artwork that you love and they will be inspired by that to make a mini quilt for you, in turn you will make a mini for someone else.

You can choose any piece of art you are inspired by (it does not need to be “modern”). Below I have worked out some different ways of being inspired to make a mini quilt based on your partner’s artwork. Thank you to the Chicago area artists who let me use their work as inspiration!

The Artwork

Mosaic by Danielle Dobies

The Sketches

Danielle’s mosaics have a plethora of bright saturated colors and a variety of patterns and designs.  I used the colors as a jumping off point to create some sketches that are inspired by her mosaics.  I also noticed that the pattern of the mosaic tiles were put together in a way that could be recreated by crazy piecing, fun!  Her work can be inspiring in many ways, either looking closely or taking it in as a whole, find what YOU like from the artwork. See more of Danielle’s work on her website:

The Artwork

Art as Craft, Nature and Self-Experience by Allison Nault

The Sketches

Allison’s artwork has a more neutral color palette and a wide variety of textures.  The layout of her installation could influence the design of the quilt.  I even included a sketch that includes yoyos, directly taken from the artwork.  For a more representational feel careful paper piecing or applique could recreate specific aspects of the artwork.  What I did not include in the sketch is the variety of texture inspiration that this piece has, simplifying the work to a low contrast exploration of texture would be a very interesting mini in my opinion!  See more of Allison’s work on her website:

So, will you join us?  Here are your instructions:

Include in your bag to give to your partner:
A postcard sized image of your inspiration art work (painting, sculpture, etc, it does not have to be “modern” art) A note about why you chose it and a bit about yourself/your quilting style. A FQ or FE of fabric that represents you — your partner can use this to start brainstorming. Your general info: Email, address, website/blog, flickr name etc.

At the June 24th meeting:
Bring your bag & sign in on the signup sheet.
Once everyone has brought their bags we will have a time to grab a bag that is not your own. Sign in on the signup sheet with your name and who you’re making for.

Swap guidelines are as follows:
SIZE: from 9×9″ to 20×20″…any size or shape in between.
MATERIALS: natural fibers/cotton, wool, linen
CONSTRUCTION: Pieced, appliquéd, quilted by hand or machine; and bound.
LABEL: It is recommended that you attach a label to the back of your quilt. I know, this can be a bit scary for some people though, so I will not make it a requirement. A label is however a very nice addition to any handmade quilt. Whether or not you decide to label your quilt please do include a note with your quilt with your name and contact information (URL, blog, email address, etc. so that they can thank you).

The final quilt is due on August 19th. Please bring it to the meeting or arrange to send it to your partner.

I can’t wait to see what you all will bring in and should get busy in picking out my artwork!

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Photo: Triangles quilt by Erika Mulvenna