Retreat Projects – Great and Small, Part II

March 27, 2012

Elaine’s project

Emily B’s ever-present sketchbook and her fabrics

Ebony worked on a book project but still brought her die-cutter to share with others

Sara H worked on a bold beautiful commission

This palette is definitely Sue R’s

Here’s Sarah E’s quilt for her son

In between quilting projects, Mary made her daughter a summer frock

Erika’s retro hexagonal quilt was just one of the many completed quilt tops

The group (minus Rachel who was in the massage chair) presented six charity quilts to the Siena Center

Rachel worked into the wee hours Saturday night on this

Here is Karen studying Tricia’s design

And here’s Mimi working on her liberated log cabin

And Elaine’s beautiful curved solids

And this is only a sampling.  Wow!

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Photo: Triangles quilt by Erika Mulvenna