On the Blog: *Important* Membership Renewal Information

November 5, 2015
Chicago MQG membership renewal for the 2016 year will occur at the November meeting (November 15, 2015).  We have moved the renewal process to November to allow us to most accurately report to the national MQG our anticipated number of members for the upcoming year.  This information is important to our local group because the number of members we have directly impacts the dues that we pay to the MQG.  

This year, our web guru in conjunction with our treasurer (and the rest of the board, too), have worked very hard to set up a process that will allow our members to complete several of the renewal steps online.  We will be able to fill out member info in an online document that will dump directly into a spreadsheet and we will also be able to pay dues online.  This will allow us to greatly streamline the renewal process at the actual meeting, and allow us more time for all of the fun stuff!  

We will strongly encourage you to fill out the online form prior to the meeting.  You will be able to pay dues online via PayPal (you do not have to have a PayPal account to do this – you can use a Credit Card through PayPal’s secure site), but you are also still able to pay dues via check or cash at the meeting.  There will be a link on the blog the week prior to the meeting that will direct you to the online form and the online payment (should you choose to pay online).

At the actual meeting, there will be several check-in options:  1) those members who have completed online form and payment, 2) members who have completed the form but would like to pay by check or cash, 3) members who have not completed the online form or any form of payment- we will have several technology devices that will allow you to complete this at the meeting.  

More information regarding membership can be found here, on our “Become a Member” page. 

If you have any questions, please contact our Membership Chair, Sally P., by emailing her {here}.

Please watch for the online Membership registration and electronic payment options in the coming week.

– Written by Sally P.
– Posted by Erin Davis

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