On the Blog: Chicago Modern Quilt Guild Pincushion Swap! Details & Sign Up Here

January 19, 2016
It’s time to sign up for the guild pincushion swap! If you’d like to join us in this swap, then follow the link below. Chicago Modern Quilt Guild members only, please!  Sign up deadline is January 29th.

Sign up here: Swap Sign Up

Swap Rules:

o Don’t let your partner know who you are! They will find out when they receive your pincushion. o Please don’t use crushed walnut shells to stuff your pincushion. Let’s just avoid any possible allergy issues! o Do good work. Make something you’d be happy to receive. o No extras, please. Just your awesome pincushion. o Have fun!

Important Dates:
January 29: Last Day for signups
January 31: Receive partner information
March 20: Pincushions due at meeting. Please bring them wrapped, and with a note to your partner.

Please make an effort to “stalk” your partner on social media, if you are able to do so, to find out about their likes. If you aren’t a social media person — and that’s ok! — please make sure to give as much information as possible for the last three questions on the sign-up form. That way, your partner will be able to make a pincushion that is to your liking.

Handy Links and Other Ideas:

Chicago MQG Pinterest Board – Lots of examples of different types of pin cushions here! Or use a tiny leftover block for your pin cushion!
Emery Sand – This was the best price found when searching. Since it’s a fine material, you will need a bit more than you think you might for filling your pin cushion. Go in on a purchase with someone else, if you want to share the materials.

  • Rice makes a good weight for a large pincushion, like the Carry All Pincushion (see Pinterest pin), if you choose not to use another filler.
  • If using a filler other than fiber fill/polyfill – create an insert that’s the same shape/size as your pincushion, fill that with your filling, sew closed, and then insert inside your pin cushion. This way, your filling is contained and is likely not to leak out of your pincushion. Scrap fabric or muslin works great for this!

Any questions, feel free to contact Kristyn or Amy through the guild email at chicagomodernqg@gmail.com

– written by Kristyn J.
– posted by Erin D.

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Photo: Triangles quilt by Erika Mulvenna