MQG Website & The Chicago MQG: How to stay in touch

February 13, 2014
As members began to use the new MQG website,  user feedback indicated some confusion on how to best use the new platform.  [And by that, I mean I got confused! – Peta].    So, to help members access our guild information, our technical guru Emily L. has put together some illustrated tips and hints for navigating the new platform.

You might have noticed our Chicago Modern Quilt Guild has a group page on the Modern Quilt Guild’s website / forum. We will be using this forum page as a means to keep our members up to date regarding our meetings, charity projects, challenges, etc. In order to get the most out of this forum we’ll need everyone to go log in!

Here are a few tips for the initial log in session:
1) You should have received an invitation to log in via email. All paid members will be added to this list, and will receive a personal email with a link to log in. These links will expire after a certain amount of time, please let us know if your link has expired.
2) Follow the emailed link and follow the prompts. You’ll be asked to submit a user name and password. For the ease of discussion it’s always helpful to have part of your name present in your user name. 
3) Locate the Chicago MQG page, and follow it (use these helpful photos to guide you through the process)!
Starting at the MQG home page, click on the “community” tab at the top.
Choose the “groups” tab at the top.
In the “limit to” field, type “Chicago” and hit enter.
The Chicago MQG page will show up below the search bar. Click on the “Follow” button. If you don’t follow the guild you won’t be able to quickly see updates from our group.
4) When you log in on the site from now on you’ll need to seek out the Chicago MQG page, or follow this link to find it directly (be sure you’re following us!!).
To briefly overview the uses of the site use the picture below:
(From left – right, at arrows) Task bar: All, Posts, Q & A, Wikis, Events, Polls. Click on each individual title for more. “Posts” is where most general topics and discussions will happen. 
Upcoming Events: This is where the officers will post all upcoming events. Click on the individual event listing to RSVP “I’m Going!”
“I’m Going” means you’re RSVP’ing! 
Recent Activity in this Group: This is a good place to check each time you log in. Any updates to group discussions etc will be posted below!
Please take a few minutes to log in and “Follow” our group page in the next week or so. We’ll begin to have more tips and tricks here on the blog. You’ll be finding more info and discussions happening on the Chicago MQG group forums!

If you have a problem please email Emily L

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Photo: Triangles quilt by Erika Mulvenna