“Mod Squad” – IQF Call for Entries

January 18, 2016
Great Opportunity for your modern quilts to hang in Rosemont!

You’ve already probably read on this blog about the Modern Dunkard’s Path challenge at the IQF Chicago show. Maybe you are already working on your quilt? But maybe you read all the requirements and didn’t have it in you to start something new to fit the specific requirements? Well, we have some GREAT news for you!! 

The organizers of IQF Chicago announced a brand new special exhibit EXCLUSIVE to the Rosemont show in April focused on modern quilts!

The Mod Squad special exhibit has very simple and very broad requirements: the quilt must have been made within the last three years and must be at least 36″ square. Plus entering is FREE and if you get in, you can drag your family and friends to see it! And if you have entered a quilt into QuiltCon this year (or even last year depending on when it was made), you already have the pictures formatted and ready to go! 

You can enter up to two quilts. And I have seen a ton of amazing quilts at show and tell in my almost two years in the guild, and I would love to see them again hanging up at Rosemont!
Click on the following link to be directed to more information, the complete call for entries as well as the links to enter:

Entries due February 12, 2016.

– written by Heather K.
– posted by Erin D.

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Photo: Triangles quilt by Erika Mulvenna