May Meeting

May 29, 2012

At the May 20th meeting we met at St. Peter’s Church from 2-5pm.
We started off the May meeting with a lengthy show and tell and there was a lot of showing and telling!

Then we took a little break to have some refreshments and presented previous officers with thank you gifts. We then broke up into small groups and chatted about our favorite notion or tool, book, and fabric. At the end of the meeting each group reported on what they discovered about each other’s favorites. Below is what each group shared about their favorites:

Favorite Notion or Tool
Erasable gel pens by pilot Frixion ball: These pens erase when you iron them
1/2 inch marking ruler: great for marking up half square triangles
Kwik Klip: clips and un-clips safety pins saving your fingers
Fiskars cutter: a long cutter with an attached blade
Machingers: Quilting gloves that come in different sizes and make it easy to grip your quilt during quilting
Do Sew: for applique, sew it to fabric and when you spritz it with water and iron it it shrinks and turns over the edges of the applique
Fast Turn: Tube turners, make tubes easily by flipping them right side out with this handy tool
Fitted Thimbles: Having your thimble fitted to your finger ensures a snug fit and is lightweight, makes hand quilting easier

Favorite Book
Quilt Artistry by Yoshkio Jinzenji

Moda Dress at Home book (old)

The Quilting Answer Book by Barbara Weiland Talbert

Favorite Fabrics
Kona Cotton was a favorite!

Check out more photos from the meeting in our Flickr group all taken by our lovely Rachel, thank you!
It was great getting to know everyone better and see all of the Favorite Things!

Emily B

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Photo: Triangles quilt by Erika Mulvenna