May Meeting–Workshop on COLOR!

May 14, 2010

This Sunday May 16th, 2-5pm at the Park District of Forest Park, Building 4.
7501 Harrison Street, Forest Park, IL

We’ll be doing our show and tell (bring your ticker tape quilts!), a color workshop, and beginning our ICE exchange (read more below).  It’ll be a super fun meeting.
For the Color Workshop, Ebony is requesting that you do/bring the following:

1) Look at your fabric stash by color. Is there any particular color
that dominates? How would you describe your stash color-wise? Is it vibrant,
calming, bright, subdued? Are there colors you don’t have very much of? Why?
2) Bring a chunk of your favorite fabric to the workshop (you don’t
have to cut it if it isn’t cut already, and we won’t hack into it during the
workshop, so don’t worry!)
3) Bring a quilt you made (or a picture of a quilt you made) where you
are pleased with the color scheme that you chose.
4) Bring a lead pencil.

Also, the ICE challenge will be beginning. The information is below.  See you there!

The Preparation:
Choose 4 fat quarters.
Make 1 quilt block of your choosing from those fat quarters.
Place all of the above in a bag labeled with your name, email address, home address, phone number.  (blog info optional)
Bring to the May 16 meeting.
The Swap:
At the May meeting if you bring a bag, your name will be put into a hat.  You will choose from the hat a name of the person whose bag you will take home.  You cannot go home with your own bag. Be sure to keep the name and info of the person whose bag you have, you will need this for the return.
If you bring a bag, you get a partner.
The Challenge:
Make a mini wall quilt for your partner using the items from the bag.
You must use all 4 fabrics from the bag in the quilt.
You may add fabrics from your own stash.
Take your inspiration from the given quilt square.
Have fun and be creative!
The Return:
Bring the completed mini wall quilt to the July meeting.
We will have a show and tell of all the quilts, after which you will gift the quilt to the person whose bag you chose.
If you are unable to attend the July meeting, please arrange to deliver the quilt to your partner by mail or in person, or have someone bring it to the meeting for you.

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Photo: Triangles quilt by Erika Mulvenna