February Meeting Recap: Gwen Marston

February 28, 2014

We were lucky enough to host Gwen Marston at our February meeting. She was so inspiring. Her quilts speak for themselves, but it’s so fun to get some inside perspective from Gwen about her creative process.
Gwen took us through the process of her quilt making, from fabric selection to whole quilt – big or small! 

Gwen was so active during her lecture – it was hard to get a single decent picture. She is surely as full of energy as her quilts are!

“The good thing about having threads on us is that we can find each other!” ~Gwen Marston
During show and tell Debbie shared a “sketch” she finished from a workshop with Gwen earlier in the week. Nice job Debbie!

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Photo: Triangles quilt by Erika Mulvenna