Donna’s Amazing Zipper Knowledge

November 27, 2019
Zippers – sizes, types, application
Sizes – #3, small, usually nylon coil, 1” wide
             #5, bigger, either nylon or metal, 1.25” wide
             #5 and #7 – think tents and sports stuff
Materials – Nylon coil (easy to cut and sew through)
                     Plastic Molded
Types – normal with a stop at bottom
               Separating (the kind for a jacket)
               Purses Zippers – pulls at either end of the zipper
BEST source for zippers – Zipit on ETSY.  Every color and every size
Zipper Pulls – what comes with zipper or what you choose to add.  
Most economical – Zippers sold by the yard along with pulls         
         Sources: Amazon, ETSY
Tutorial by The Zipper Lady for putting on pulls
Outer bag zippers – go big.
Inner pocket zippers – not necessary
“The bigger the bag, the bigger the zipper.”
So much time in bag making that you don’t want a zipper fail   
Links to various bags/projects shown:
Open Out Box (one requiring a separating zipper) – by Aneela Hoey
Sew Together Bag (one with three inner zip compartments) – Sew Demented
Backpack – Swoon Patterns (comes in 2 sizes)
Suzy’s Sack Bag – google on ETSY
Zippy Bag (one with three zippers on front of bag) – Jen Fox Studios

Best pattern directions for zippers is anything by Sara Lawson at Sew Sweetness.

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