Do You Want Some Help On a UFO (Un-Finished Object)?

September 24, 2017

Do you have a quilting project or two (or 17, who’s counting) in the back of your crafting space? Would you like to give it a shot at rescue?

The November meeting (Sunday the 19th in Oak Park) will be all about UFOs, and Debbie Pine and Heather Kinion would love to use your real live UnFinished quilting Object to help get you and your fellow guild members out of a jam.

The meeting will address four basic reasons we think Quilts become UFOs:

1) Technique Problems: it was too challenging, the pattern or instructions were poor or difficult to follow, skills weren’t/aren’t ready for the challenge, or I tried a new technique but now all I’ve got are bits and pieces. Does any of that describe a project you’ve got languishing at home?

2) Something Doesn’t Look Right: now that you are sewing is it just not looking right but you can’t put your finger on it, is your color palette being weird, do you have an issue with value, is it maybe not your style anymore? Are you thinking of a specific NPR fundraiser tote in the back of the closet right now with that one quilt project in it?

3) Distraction: did life or more pressing projects intervene and you put it away and don’t know what to do now or where and how to start again? Oh hai there ChicagoMQG medallion 2016 top, yes I know you’re still under the ironing board.

4) Finished Top, Now What: do you have a quilt top that’s all ready to get quilted but you haven’t yet, do you not know what kind of motif to Quilt it with, are you worried your skills aren’t up to it, are you paralyzed by indecision? How many of you have more than one quilt hiding away like this?

If you have a project (or more than one project) that fit these descriptions, we’d love to help you out!

At the meeting, we will break into small groups to talk about the ufos, so you won’t have to talk in front of the whole group! All you will need is an open mind to new suggestions about how to proceed (or even if you should).

Email Heather Kinion to participate!

All meetings are 2-5 pm on the third Sunday of the month, unless otherwise noted.

This month’s meeting is on Sunday, October 15.

Meeting location:

Rush Oak Park Hospital 
Centennial Room 
520 S. Maple Ave Oak Park, Il 60304 

A list of our meetings can be found here.

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Photo: Triangles quilt by Erika Mulvenna