Deadline TODAY!

August 25, 2019

As the deadline to enter draws near, we’ve received a lot of questions about what kinds of quilts qualify for our 10th anniversary book project. Here’s the answer:

All of them.

Made from a pattern? It qualifies.

Made it as part of a bee with other members? It qualifies.

Only have the top completed? It qualifies. (But you’ll need to finish it by the time we take pro photographs of all accepted quilts.)

It’s a mini? It qualifies.

It’s only kinda-sorta modern? Yup – it qualifies.

Don’t have good photos of your quilt? It still qualifies. (We’ll have a photographer snap pics of accepted quilts.)

Only been a member for a few months? You still qualify.

You’re a past member, but not a current member, and someone kindly forwarded you this email? You definitely qualify.

[Ready to enter now? Use this link.]

The purpose of our book is to celebrate the diversity and history of our group

This book project isn’t about showcasing the most dazzling examples of modern quilting, or winning awards, or perfection. It’s about celebrating the rich, diverse history of our guild. And that means we want your favorite creations, whether you created them purely from a dream in your head, or from a pattern using a bundle of one designer’s fabrics.

The deadline to enter is August 25, and it only costs a couple bucks to enter up to 5 quilts. We sincerely hope you will leave all hesitation aside and jump in with your favorite creations. We can’t wait to see what you share.

Love and stitches, the CMQG Board of Directors

In case you missed past emails about this project, here’s a full recap:

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild, we are creating a book to document our guild’s history! All present and past members are encouraged to submit quilts to the book so that we can celebrate as many of our guild’s talented voices as possible. Because our guild’s documentation book is about our history, please remember to select the five quilts you will submit carefully.

Our guild’s past presidents will serve as judges, and will not be making decisions based on technical skill, artistry, or design originality. Instead, they will shape a history of our guild, ensuring that we can include quilts by everyone and from each year of our guild’s successful decade. If you like to make quilts using patterns, submit them! If you have a quilt you made in one of our fantastic workshops, submit that too! Have you been in the guild for a full ten years? Look back on your quilting and select an old favorite!

You may submit up to five quilts for consideration, to ensure that members are fairly represented on the book’s pages. The total cost for your submission is $3.50, which will be collected before you fill out the form below. You do not need to submit professional photographs of your quilts, as any accepted quilts will be professionally photographed after they are accepted. Please submit one overall image and one detail image showing a close up of part of the quilt. Notifications will be sent out to each current and past member in late September.

If you are able to contact former guild members, please either send their names and email addresses to or feel free to forward this link.

The Chicago Modern Quilt Guild is not only a space for some of the kindest people in Chicagoland to gather, but it’s also a space of inspiring creativity and a dedication to quilting. This book will document our guild’s amazing creative history and document all ten years of our existence, including workshops, retreats, and as many member’s quilts as possible. Thank you for being a part of this exciting project!

Remember that this book is a history of our guild and submissions will be judged by a panel of the guild’s past presidents who will be selecting quilts to tell the story of our guild’s history rather than making their selections based on artistry, technique, or design. This means that any and all quilts are welcome including original designs, pattern or kit quilts, quilts made at guild workshops, challenge quilts, or any other quilts that are important to you! You may submit finished quilts, quilt tops that can be finished within two or three months, or sketches that can be completed within two or three months.

However, remember that because this is a history of the guild, do not only submit new work! Your older work may be accepted over recent work if the judging panel feels that it helps to tell the guild’s story in a stronger way.

Tips for entering your quilt:

  • Please read the entire link top to bottom before submitting your quilts – it will help you prepare for a successful submission
  • BEFORE entering your quilts, please make sure to hit the payment button right above “Registration” to pay your $3.50 fee
  • If you’d like to preview the forms, push the “click here” button under registration
  • Once you have selected your five quilts and have paid your $3 registration fee, click the “Proceed to Step 1” button near the bottom of the page and follow the prompts
  • Each member can only submit five quilts, so make sure you are happy with the quilts you want to submit before proceeding!
  • There is a pixel requirement for the images you will attach, but it can largely be disregarded. The 2400 pixel size equals about 8” and it’s unlikely that your images will be too large to submit. Remember that your pictures do not need to be professional quality – cell phone pictures work great, as long as we can see the quilt clearly!
Submissions close TODAY, August 25, and notifications about accepted quilts will be emailed in late September.

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Photo: Triangles quilt by Erika Mulvenna