April 2024 Meeting Recap: Quilt Olympics VI

May 14, 2024

We had so much fun last month, thanks to meeting organizer Heather Kinion and her team of helpers. It was Quilt Olympics VI, an annual tradition where our guild hosts some fun games to test our knowledge and creativity!

One of the events in Quilt Olympics was seeing which team had the most number of needles among their belongings. Omoleye stole the show by having knitting needles in her bag!

What’s really fun about this annual event is that everyone brings skills and abilities to the table. Whether you’re a seasoned quilter or a newbie, you know stuff/have stuff/give stuff that makes the games fun. Thanks everyone for participating!

Some of the events require knowledge of quilting; some just require us to get silly and have fun!


  • Reminder that all members have access to the MQG website and an announcement of their Satsuma Sew Along and the locations of the next two Quiltcons.
  • Volunteers were requested to join the tech committee to get us into position to host hybrid meetings.
  • Volunteers were requested to present quilts at a Chicago Council on Planned Giving event on May 22nd.
  • Events: Diane and Amy announced the next three months’ meetings and workshops. Amy also gauged interest in another ChiModBee.
  • Member Jane Shapiro: This year’s charity quilt will be made up of a Foundation Paper Pieced block. The event to make these is on June 2, 1-5pm at the Oak Park Public Library in the Veterans Room on the 2nd Floor.

Member Show and Tell

Adamandia Kapsalis wore a beautiful jacket she embellished.
Adamandia’s crane bag was also a hit!
Omoleye Roberts showed off a recent finish: her gorgeous knitted hat.
Angie Wright showed off a recent finish, her cozy quilt (part of an Alison Glass sew-along).

Stephanie Socha showed us three mini quilts she recently made for members of her Patreon community.
Sammy Dahlstrom shared her contribution to this year’s Pantone color challenge.
Rachel Adams shared this fun quilt made with unique fabrics. We loved that she said she just made it for herself!
Donna Moscinski shared two recent trip-around-the-world quilts, a pattern she loves to make over and over again.
Donna’s other quilt. So cool to see how they can look very different depending on your fabric choices.
Heather Kinion showed off a top she recently finished using a Grainline pattern.

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Photo: Triangles quilt by Erika Mulvenna